Thanks for the opportunity to submit suggestions.

Thanks for the opportunity to submit suggestions.
first and foremost: abolish the IRS. government is to serve the people, not
enslave them and put them in fear.
I support a national sales tax that can be collected along with the states sales
tax. One of the biggest benefits is that it will address the underground economy
that has resulted from our current repressive system. the end result of our
present system is an entire army of people that do not produce anything of
personal or social value - all they do is process the tax!
another benefit is that citizens will then know what the real cost of government is
and should be then willing to pay attention and even be willing to vote!
probably combining the national sales tax with the social security tax is also a
good idea since in reality it all goes to the same place, but then putting the SS
tax in a lock box and never allowing it again to go into the general fund.