From: Inskeep, Brent [ ] Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 11:09 AM To:

From: Inskeep, Brent [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 11:09 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: IRS
Dear Sirs,
This e-mail is in response to your request for comments concerning
issues and troubles with the tax system and the IRS.
We were electrical contractors before a large general contractor
bankrupted owing us in excess of $85,000.00. We were forced to close
our doors due to the lack of funds and the refusal of the supply houses
to carry balances for debts owed them. We also owed the IRS
$19,000.00 at the time of closure. These nice people assessed us the
100% penalty and with interest and penalties, this brought our total
debt with the IRS to over $150,000.00. They promptly told us not to
leave the country, liened our properties, set us up with monthly
payments for 10 years, audited our tax returns every year and took the
refunds, amortized our monthly living expenses and took all of the
excess, and finally, after ten years, forced us to re-mortgage our home
and pay the debt off completely.
These were ten very agonizing years for us. We felt smothered in every
way. We didn't have funds to make improvements to our property, or keep
our homes up. We didn't have extra funds to help our children with
things they needed for school or anything extra for them. We had no
extra funds for a special night out, once in a while. Each visit with
the personnel at the local IRS office, was tense, and very
intimidating. We were made to feel like we were criminals. In fact,
the affects filtered down to my work place where, working for a
government contractor, I was required to go before DOE and sit in a
black box meeting where all of my conversations were recorded. Here
they asked me questions that dealt with the liens owed to the IRS, the
reasons, and what I was doing to correct the problem. They wanted to
know if I had ever been a spy for pay or if I had even considered it.
This was very humiliating. I had to do this every time my security
clearance was due to be renewed. So, along with everything else, my
livelihood was threatened. If I lost my clearance, I would lose my
I am a citizen of this United States, yet I and my wife, were treated
like we were lower than snakes and we were threatened in many ways with
"what would happen" if we didn't comply. Of course, we really had no
other choice. But we are honest and decent people. I will forever
resent the treatment we received. As a result of all of this, I have
absolutely no respect for the system and would love to see the "Fair
Tax". It's time that we, as citizens, are all treated fairly by the
taxing system.
I can be contacted at:
Brent L. Inskeep, 1998 Borreson St., Blackfoot, Idaho
Telephone evenings: 208-785-4058