Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee June 28, 2011 1-3 a.m.

Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee
June 28, 2011
1-3 a.m.
Library Marine Room
Linda Schmitigal (Chair), Associate Professor of Management
George Denger, Communications Professor
Maurice Walworth, Provost
Tracey MacQuarrie, ESP Representative
William Eilola, Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing/President’s Council
Deborah Faust, Director of Financial Aid/Administrative Professionals
Sherry Brooks, Vice President of Finance/Presidents Council
Ramsay D’ave, Student Representative
John Roese, Professor of Biology
Paul Weber, Engineering Faculty
Mary Jo Meehan, Assistant Professor/Counselor
June 14 minutes were approved.
Strategic Plan
The committee members continued working on and revising the goal statements with the purpose
of creating statements in which measurable objective could be created. Included in this document
is the revised goal statements.
At the next meeting, we will be writing the objective statements related to each goal identified in
today’s process. Each committee member will bring in objective statements for as many of the
goal statements as they can.
The committee members also agreed that it is time to take the core values statement and the
vision statement created last year to the Board of Trustees for review.
Next Meeting
At the next meeting, which will be July 12, 1-3, in the Library Marine Room, the committee will
review the goal statements and begin writing the objective statements with intent of having a
draft to present (for information purposes only) to the Board of Trustees at its July 15 meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m..
Submitted by
Linda Schmitigal
July 1, 2011
Introduction to LSSU (HLC Statement?)
Core Values
Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Teaching is our first priority and focuses on
providing student/faculty interaction, learning, and research in current, relevant
Opportunity. Students have a wide range of opportunities to grow academically,
professionally, culturally and socially. Opportunities are provided via work-study
assignments, student organizations, internships, community outreach and leadership.
Diversity. Students experience a campus community environment which is inclusive and
Ethics and Values. The University promotes an environment which values honesty,
openness, and courteous behavior where everyone is treated with respect.
Stewardship. LSSU provides a framework in which to leave the university and region
financially and environmentally sound for future generations of LSSU students, alumni,
and friends.
Prepared by Shared Governance Strategic Planning and Budget Committee
April 2010
Mission and Vision Statements
Mission Statement
(approved by the Board of Trustees March 28, 2008)
Our principle mission at Lake Superior State University is to help students develop their full potential.
We do this by providing high-quality, academically rigorous programs in an engaged, personal and
supportive environment. This combination nurtures potential and sets students on paths to rewarding
careers and productive, satisfying lives. We also serve the regional, national and global communities by
contributing to the growth, dissemination and application of Knowledge.
Vision Statement
Our programs grow and evolve in ways that keep our graduates at the cutting edge of
technological and societal advances. As such, we will be viewed by our constituents as:
The preferred regional choice for students who seek a quality education which provides a
competitive edge in an evolving job market.
An institution where relevant concepts are taught by quality faculty, and are paired with
practical real-world experience to provide a well-rounded education.
An institution which capitalizes on its location to instill graduates with an understanding
of environmental issues and an overarching desire to be responsible stewards of the
A University that is highly student centered and empowers all students to realize their
highest individual potential.
Include a statement of how core values leads to development of vision.
Part II
Names of Channel Markers(?)
Goal 1: Collaborative, committed campus community
We will develop a permanent and permeating culture of sharing ideas, knowledge, resources, and
talent across campus fostering a sense of pride and community.
Goal 2: Desirable school of choice (recruiting/academic reputation)
We will attract a diverse student body by graduating students who have had an exceptional
university experience.
Goal 3: Regional Communities
We will collaboratively contribute to economic growth and improved quality of life in our
Goal 4: Student Campus Experience (retention/campus life)
We will provide students with a supportive, connected, and comfortable campus experience to
enhance student development.
Goal 5: Student learning and development
We will maintain and develop excellent programs for students which provide experiential
learning activities that take advantage of this unique region.
Goal 6: Educational support
We will establish and maintain an appropriate level of educational resources to effectively
support learning.
Goal 7: Stewardship and Sustainability
We will promote efficient and effective utilization of resources to lay the foundation for growth
and sustainability.