Program Outcomes Bachelor of Science in Mathematics: Elementary Teaching

Program Outcomes
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics: Elementary Teaching
Upon completion of a bachelor of science degree in mathematics: elementary teaching,
from Lake Superior State University, students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate a fundamental and foundational knowledge of mathematics by
developing quantitative and abstract reasoning skills in order to build a
conceptual understanding of logical structures and axiomatic systems.
2. Demonstrate technical mathematical skills in the areas of algebra, geometry,
calculus, and statistics for solving problems.
3. Use their knowledge of the historical background of mathematics in enriching
their own lives and the lives of their future students.
4. Use software and other technology to solve problems.
5. Use their acquired skills in the pursuit of a job and/or graduate school.
6. Create mathematical models and use their mathematical and analytical skills
to solve real-world problems.
7. Continue to acquire new knowledge for life-long learning in pursuit of their
professional and personal goals.
8. Communicate mathematically in their profession and the broader community.
9. Make connections of mathematical ideas to other ideas both inside of and
outside of mathematics.
10. Upon completion of the program, a student will attain a score on the
Michigan Teacher Certification Training (MTTC) Examination (for
Mathematics-Elementary Teaching) equal to or greater than the State average.