Tracking Study Habits

Tracking Study Habits
1. Using the Study Habits information you already typed in Excel, type Hours in
cell D1.
2. Type 0 through 15 in cells E1 through T1 or use shortcuts you learned in previous
3. Click on column E, hold shift down, click on column T so that those columns are
highlighted. Now double click on the line between one of the letters. This should
automatically resize the columns.
4. In cell E2 or the first row you have the ID number in, type this conditional
statement… =IF(B2=0,1,0) What this formula does is if the study hours in cell
B2 is 0, then put the value of 1 in cell E2; otherwise put 0. We will sum these
values up in a minute.
5. Click in cell E2 then scroll all the way to the last ID row. Now hold shift down
and click in the corresponding E cell. This should most of column E. Now go to
Edit, Fill, Down or use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-D. This types the appropriate
formula from #3 above in each of the highlighted cells.
6. Click in cell F2 and type the next formula. Guess what it should be. If you
guessed =If(B2=1,1,0) then you were correct.
7. Now do a fill down as you did in #5 above.
8. Continue all the way to column T incrementing what B2 should equal.
9. Click in cell V1 and type 0 hours. Type 1 hour in cell V2. Continue all the way
to 15 hours.
10. In cell W1 type a formula to sum all the numbers used in column E.
=sum(E2:E?) where ? is the row number you typed ID 118’s information in.
11. Continue adding the values for each hour.
12. Now highlight cells V1 to W16.
13. Click on the chart wizard and create a pie chart. Be sure to label the axis and