Erosion Lab

Erosion Lab
Question and Hypothesis
What effect does water flow have on landforms?
If water flows on a landform, then
1. Cover the bottom paint tray with a mixture
of sand and small pebbles with a hill on one
side of the tray.
2. Use the your pencil to form a slight stream
valley with at least two curves going down hill.
In your journal, create an illustration of the
stream valley in the paint tray.
• 3. Gently pour the water into the funnel into
the river path going down hill
4. Pour 200mL of water into the stream.
• 5. Record your observations. Include an
illustration of the appearance of the stream
and the area surrounding the stream.
6. Clean your work area
– Put tray on the counter
– Wipe down desk
• Conclusion
• Claim
–A statement about the solution
to a problem.
–A response to a question
–An answer to a problem
Draw a conclusion CER
• Evidence
– Relevant data or facts that support your claim
– Observations that support the claim
Draw a conclusion CER
• Reasoning
– Explains how the evidence is linked to the claim
– Justifies why the data, facts, or observations
support the claim
– Includes appropriate content concepts or
What law did this show?
Explain how the law relates to the lab.
Clean Up
• Put journal up
• Use shovel to put sand into bucket
• Rinse out beaker, funnel, shovel, and paint
• Leave paint tray, shovel, and funnel in sink
• Put beaker on dry rack
• Wipe down desk
• Throw away straw