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United States Economics
Spencer McFarling
940-369-1179 (voicemail only)
E-Mail: smcfarling@dentonisd.org
Conference Periods: A2 & B2
COURSE DESCRIPTION: United States Economics is a one-semester course which helps the students’ understand
events and conditions in the economy. The study of economics deals with how society addresses the allocation of scarce
resources. The course addresses that economics decisions involve making trade-offs that will include both costs and
benefits. The theoretical content will cover all the basic economics principles and practices such as supply and demand,
inflation, employment, resource management, government spending, economic stability-instability. This course provides opportunities to use analytical skills
based on knowledge gained within the course. The course also provides a practical approach to address the “personal finance” requirements recently
required by the Texas Education Agency. The goal of the personal finance component is to prepare students to make informed decisions about spending,
savings, investments, credit, and other matters concerning financial success.
Grading Policy: 60% Projects and Test
40% Daily Work
Materials/Supplies Needed: Spiral notebook, pen or pencil, paper, notebook or folder.
Classroom Expectations: It is my goal to provide a classroom culture that invites analytical thinking, encourages creativity, and demands academic
success. Students should be punctual, prepared, and an active participant in order to receive the maximum benefit of this educational learning
Classroom Management: All school rules and policies will be observed throughout this course. Also, the students will be responsible for arriving on time,
being prepared, participating in class, and maintaining their work area. GHS policy requires ID badges to be worn and students to dress within dress code.
Food, drink and gum are not permitted within the GHS classroom. Minor infractions will be handled through verbal conference, parent contact, or teacher
detention. Frequent or major infractions will be referred to the office.
Curriculum and Textbook:
Textbook: Economics Principles and Practices, (Glencoe)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/ssc/teks_and_taas/teks/teksecon.htm
Classroom Topic Outline:
Fundamental Economic Concepts
 What is Economics?
 Economic Systems and Decision Making
 Business Organizations
 Demand
 Supply
 Prices and Decision Making
 Market Structures
Macroeconomics: Institutions
 Employment, Labor, and Wages
 Sources of Government Revenue
 Government Spending
 Money and Banking
 Financial Markets
Macroeconomics: Policies
 Economic Performance
 Economic Instability
 The Fed and Monetary Policy
 Achieving Economic Stability
International and Global Economics
 International Trade
 Comparative Economic Systems
 Developing Countries
 Global Economic Challenges
Personal Finance:
 Understanding interest, avoiding and eliminating credit card debt
 Understanding the rights and responsibilities of renting or buying a
 Managing money to make the transition from renting a home to
 Starting a small business
 Being a prudent investor in the stock market and using other
investment options
 Beginning a savings program and planning for retirement
 Bankruptcy
 The types of bank accounts available to consumers and the benefits
of maintaining a bank account
 Balancing a check book
 The types of loans available to consumers and becoming a low-risk
 Understanding insurance
 Charitable giving
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