Thesis: Although we are a country founded on freedom, in... sacrifice freedom for safety.

Thesis: Although we are a country founded on freedom, in times of crisis, we are willing to
sacrifice freedom for safety.
In the aftermath of 9/11, the overwhelming amount of casualties resulted in a drastic
enhancement in security throughout the country and the implementation of the Patriot Act. In
order to preserve the safety of American citizens, certain civil liberties were revoked. The federal
government enforced more thorough background checks, airport security, as well as phone and
media surveillance to seize any terroristic leads or activities. Although this lessened their
freedom of privacy, American citizens were accepting of the changes in national security to
ensure the safety of the nation.
Over a decade later, new crises have arisen where safety takes precedence over freedom,
for police brutalities have altered our perception of safety as well as the police force. In the
Ferguson case, police forces were used to control the masses but endangered citizens in the
process. Because of racial tension between police and African Americans, the safety of this race
was compromised. Although these events have received extensive media attention, because of
the power the police have, it has made citizens feel uneasy about their safety. Forcing curfews on
the citizens lessened their freedom but at least ensured their safety during this dangerous time.
Thus, citizens of our contemporary society deem safety as preferential to freedom, especially in
times of crisis.