University of St Andrews School of History PhD Studentship Application

University of St Andrews
School of History
PhD Studentship Application
Personal Details
Application For Session
We will normally contact you by email so please ensure you use an address you
check regularly and which will be available to you at least until May 2016.
Permanent Address
Correspondence Address if different
University or College
Dates of
Main subjects
date of
Main subjects
Grade, Class
or GPA
Qualifications pending
University or College
Relevant professional experience (300 words maximum)
This section of the form is designed only for those applicants who have not already
achieved, and are not working towards, relevant academic qualifications, e.g. a Master’s
degree. Whilst we do not wish to discriminate against applicants who might not previously
have had the opportunity to study at postgraduate level, you should be aware that a doctoral
degree is a rigorous training at a high academic standard. If you are completing this section
of the application, you should make it very clear how your previous professional experience
has prepared you in particular for the independent research element of your proposed area
of study.
Research Proposal
Research proposal title
Research questions
List briefly the central question(s) the thesis will address.
Research context, methods and sources (500 words maximum)
In this section, make the case for the importance and viability of your project. What is the
existing scholarly competition/context? Will you need to use a specific archive? Have
there been developments in the field or a related field which make the project particularly
Preparedness for proposed doctoral project (300 words maximum)
E.g. existing language skills, dissertations, any relevant work experience, prizes.
Research impact (500 words maximum)
In this section, set out the impact you hope the research will make. Research impact can
include how the project will change its immediate and related fields, e.g. through
presentation of new findings or development of new methodologies. Applicants may also
wish to consider how research impact will be achieved, e.g. through publications,
conference presentations, research blog, work with museums etc.
Training needs assessment (300 words maximum)
Set out here any perceived training needs, e.g. language training, social media skills etc.
Personal statement (300 words maximum)
Concentrate on the ‘fit’ between you, your project and St Andrews: Why would this be a
good place for you to work on this project? Demonstrate how doctoral training at St
Andrews fits with your training needs and career aspirations.
Please give details of two referees who would write in support of your application.
Referee 1
Referee 2
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