Space Project Part 1

Space Project Part 1
Directions: Your group works for a famous newspaper which focuses on information pertaining
to space. You must create a name plate for your newspaper and write a series of stories for the
front page that would grab a reader’s attention. Keep in mind that your paper, because of its
content is quite expensive, so your front page must be creative. Below is the rubric for your
newspaper. Each number is worth 10pts. Have fun!
1. Name Plate 2. Current Event - This could be new information about a certain discovery. You
will write it in the form of a summary. Include a D/C icon that relates to your current
3. Science Fiction Story – You may choose to either create a comic strip or write
a 1/2 page story. Either way, your story must consist of all elements of a story
4. Dear Scientist Column – Must have 3 Questions and Answers
5. Space Facts – “Did you know,” type of column
6. Bio Page – Pick an astronaut, deceased or living, and write about what he/she
accomplished and include a quote.
7. NASA Issue – Research a challenge NASA faces. For example, this could be
how much NASA Projects cost, or funding from the government.
8. Job Opportunities – What kind of jobs are available at NASA? What do they
entail? What kind of educational background is required?
9. Conventions – Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar
10. Professional Quality – If you were presenting your paper to a professional
group of people, it should represent 100% effort.
Space Project Part 2
Your team has been hired by NASA to study the geographical area of Mars. You must choose an
area to design and build a space station that will house up to 10 astronauts. Good luck!
1. First, you must complete Module 2, Investigation 4 Briefing, on NASA’s webpage. Your
team must research and show evidence of that research regarding if life is possible on
2. It is up to your team to design and build the space station. In order to do this, you must
also research what space stations must have in order to sustain life. Write a summary
about your findings.
3. Design your space station with exact measurements in mind. I will provide the graph
paper for your team to use. You must also build a model of your station. You may
choose any way to do this.
4. Professional Quality is important, remember you are presenting your idea to NASA.
5. Conventions – Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar