It’s all about attitude! Get Motivated! Set Goals Get Organized

It’s all about attitude!
Get Motivated!
Set Goals
Get Organized
Study for Tests
What can you do to
improve your attitude?
•Have self-confidence
•Develop good study habits
•Set high standards for yourself
•Use your time effectively
•Always be WELL prepared
•When things get tough, don’t give up!
Successful people are motivated!
Be a Positive Influence in the
Be aware of bad habits and try to
control them.
Be willing to help others.
Listen rather than disrupt.
Avoid being a complainer
What is the point of doing well in
But what difference does it make now?
Good Grades
Happy YOU!!!
Getting Organized!
Get a folder for EVERY class, and never leave class
until all of your work is in that folder.
Write down ALL assignments and when they are
Write down when tests are scheduled and
Ask questions if you are confused.
•If you do not understand an assignment at the
end of class, ASK for an explanation before you
•Do not leave school without checking your
assignment book to make sure you have all of
the materials you will need.
•If you have little or no homework, reread
notes from class. Use study hall time to
review notes.
Studying For Tests
Make a study guide for yourself using the
vocabulary from the chapter and any of the
notes you have taken in class.
Start reviewing every night as soon as you
find out there is going to be a test.
Other Ideas to Help You Remember
New Information
• Chunk information into meaningful parts
• Make an outline of what you want to learn
• Find connections – use them to create a
• Make a concept map
• Make up rhymes
• Make up a story or silly words
Test-Taking Tips
Look over the entire test before you begin.
Jot down anything you don’t want to forget.
Follow ALL directions.
Answer ALL questions, even if you think you
don’t know the answer.
• Read all questions carefully.
• Ask questions if you are confused.
• Check your work before turning in your test.
You may have skipped a question.