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Genetics: Genotype & Phenotype
Topic 3033
Mrs. Rathka
Vocab Activity
Explain the following terms in your own words; look them up in the book or the
dictionary if necessary. If I feel like you are copying from the dictionary or the book
without comprehending what you are writing, points will be deducted. If you have
searched and still don’t understand the term, please come and see me for help. Use a
lined sheet of paper for this assignment.
1. Allele: A pair of genes which are located at the same place on a homologous
chromosome. It also applies to traits associated with genes.
2. Phenotype: The physical appearance of the plant or animal because of its genetic
makeup (genotype).
3. Gene: A specific region of chromosome which is capable of determining the
development of a specific trait that is composed partially or wholly of DNA
4. Genotype: Genetic constitution (makeup) of an individual
5. Dominant: Refers to genes which hide or mask the presence of other genes
6. Recessive: Gen whose phenotypic expression is masked when in the presence of
a dominant allele.
7. Heterozygous: A plant or animal that carries a gene with two different alleles
8. Homozygous: An animal or plant that carries a gene with two identical alleles
(RR or rr).
9. Chromosome: A thread-like body of DNA which carries genes.
10. Incomplete Dominance: When a trait is neither dominant or recessive, but is
partially expressed when two incomplete dominant corresponding traits are
11. Punnett Square: A divided rectangle which is used to find the genotype and
phenotype of a cross.
12. Gregor Mendel: A monk who did experiments with peas and discovered
dominant and recessive traits.
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