Assignment Topic # 3043 Definitions

Topic # 3043
Anna Blight
Use the unscrambled words from the Word Scramble assignment to answer these
Microorganisms do this in the rumen to break down nutrients for their own use.
This is a meat eater.
Roughages break down into this.
This type of animal has a complex stomach with four compartments.
Plants are the main food for this type of organism.
This describes the amount of nutrients in a feed that can be absorbed from the digestive
tract after the feed is broken down.
Saliva contains this component and it aids in digestion.
This animal does not have an abomasum.
Human share this definition with a few other animals because of the composition of the
food it eats.
Animals have a mutualistic relationship with these.
Digestion breaks feed particles down into this so the body can absorb it.