The Treasurer’s report is a summary of all of the receipts and disbursements since the
last formal treasurer’s report. This should be done before each meeting (note: it can also
be done at the special request of the president, or as a quick tool for the treasurer to find
out the standing of the chapter’s finances). The report should include the following
* The balance on hand as of the last formally generated report.
* A total of all receipts since the last report. An effective way to do this is to group
receipts according to event, not by individual entry (i.e. all money taken in from a
candy bar sale, or all membership dues submitted). In doing this it is easier to look
at income by event.
* A total of all disbursements since the last report.
* The current balance in the account.
* The report should be signed and dated by the treasurer.
* Special notes should be made as to expected receipts and disbursement.