Alien Eyes

Alien Eyes
Description: This is a partner or group game.
The first person to score 100 points by rolling the number cubes is the winner.
It is not as easy as it sounds, because there is an “alien” waiting to steal all of
your points every time you roll the number cubes.
A pair of number cubes (dice)
1. Game may be played with two or more people.
2. Make a score card with each player’s name on a piece of paper.
3. On each player’s turn he will roll the cubes and find the sum of the two
numbers. He can quit and write down the total or he can roll again. As he
continues rolling the cubes, he will keep a running total in his head (other
players may keep a check for accuracy). When the player decides to quit,
he will add the score to his score card.
4. A player may keep rolling as long as he desires, but if a “1” comes up on
either of the cubes, he loses all of his points for that round. If two “1’s”
come up (alien eyes), the player loses all of his points for the whole game
so far and must start again at 0.
5. The first person to score 100 or more points is the winner.