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FSE E-Media (Hobart) as at 14th May, 2002
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E-Media (Hobart)
E-Media is a major stream in the BFA, allowing for an increased focus on electronic media
in line with technological changes that are occurring in the field. It takes into account the
growing importance that electronic media have in the creation of works of visual art and
design. A specialisation in electronic media is increasingly a sought-after vocational
requirement for students with a visual art training.
Students can take a major in E-Media, consisting of FSE110 E-Media 1, FSE210 E-Media 2
and FSE310 E-Media 3 (a total of 125%). Options in E-Media (12.5% each) are also available
to students who do not wish to major in E-Media.
Instruction in a variety of different capabilities of electronic media is offered; digital
imaging, sound, temporal media and interactive multimedia, 3D modelling and
animation. The philosophical approach is to encourage exploration of the innovative
capacities of electronic media whilst at the same time emphasising integration with the
approaches and techniques of more traditional media.
With the rapid development and constant change in visually based computer applications,
students are encouraged to develop a resourceful attitude towards computing and
problem solving, to develop the capacity to learn new applications and approaches as
circumstances require.
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