Narrative Writing

Narrative Writing
“Life is a journey, not a destination” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Narrative Writing Prompt:
Write a narrative essay about an experience
that is similar to what Foster describes as
a “quest”. Specifically, write about a time
where the experience (“journey”) is more
important than the result (“destination”).
Remember, the quest results in selfknowledge, realization, or teaches an
unexpected lesson.
Goals for Your Narrative Writing:
1. Include an understandable sequence of events.
o In every narrative, events are ordered in some way. While you cannot alter the
events that happened in your experience, as a writer, you need to decide which
events to portray and in what order to present them.
2. Construct detailed and interesting characters.
o In the personal essay, your main character is yourself, so try to give your readers a
sense of who you are through your voice, actions, and description. The characters in
a good story are believable and interesting; they come alive for the readers.
3. Create a satisfying and meaningful conclusion.
o While most of your essay tells about the experience, your conclusion should focus on
the overall lesson learned.
4. Develop a clear voice, using imagery and diction.
o Language reveals who you are; chose your words to reflect your theme as well as
o Try to include evocative details, colorful details of setting and characters.
5. Include dialogue
o Punctuate your dialogue correctly
6. Your story must be at least 350-400 words.