Issues Leading to the Civil War Objective: Northwest Ordinance 1787

Issues Leading to the Civil War
Northwest Ordinance 1787
All states North of _______________________ = _________________
All states South of _______________________ = _________________
Missouri Compromise
Southern states threatened to break (secede) from Union if Missouri became a
“free” state
So… ______________________________________________________
_______________________________ – North of it free, South of it slave
kept Union together; but no one happy
# of slave and free states EQUAL!
Compromise of 1850
California = ______________________; New Mexico & Utah = _______________
Passed a stricter ________________________________ – returning slaves to their
owners when they would run away
Southerners threaten secession if Fugitive Slave Law not enforced; wasn’t enforced
Harriet Beecher Stowe
book that turned many Northerners against slavery; author scorned by South
cancelled Missouri Compromise
Kansas-Nebraska Act
allow ___________________________________________________
____________________________ – rule by the people
North = upset, South = happy
struggle over slavery turned violent
“___________________________” – violence between pro and anti slavery forces
Dred Scott Case
_________________________________________________________ (a free state)
____________________________________ when returning to Missouri
said he was made free in Wisconsin
Decision of case:
1. ___________________________ – could not bring case to court - and could
not become a citizen
2. Fugitive Slave law must be enforced
3. Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional
5th Amendment
Property cannot be taken away without due process
South = happy; North = mad
Republican Party
new party formed
believed _______________________________________________________
nominated _____________________ for Illinois Senator  he lost (Stephen
Douglas wins!)
did not want Union divided over slavery
slavery is a moral issue, not a legal one
John Brown
Raided Harpers Ferry in Virginia
wanted weapons to __________________________________________________
all men caught, tried, hanged
Presidential Election of 1860
Election results made it clear: the nation no longer wanted compromise
Now 18 free states, 15 slave states
with Republican party = South is upset!
South saw Lincoln as an abolitionist
Fort Sumter
Southerners captured federal fort for weapons
_____________________________, but surrendered to South
Confederacy Established
_____________________________, the Confederate States of America, with its
president = ____________________________________