12 Angry Men


12 Angry Men – Vocabulary 1 Study

I. Definitions – Match the correct vocabulary term to its definition.

Name _____________________

Date ___________ Period _____

1. _____________________________ n. the party by whom criminal proceedings are instituted or conducted

2. _____________________________ n. a body of person sworn to give a verdict on some matter submitted to them

3. _____________________________ n. the finding or decision of a jury on the matter submitted to it in


4. _____________________________ n. a murder that is characterized by full conscious willful intent and a

measure of forethought and planning

5. _____________________________ v. to think about or discuss issues and decisions carefully

6. _____________________________ n. a real doubt, based upon reason and common sense after careful and

impartial consideration of all the evidence, or lack of evidence, in a case

7. _____________________________ n. the party by whom criminal proceedings are instituted or conducted

8. _____________________________ n. the responsibility of the prosecution to prove to the jury the guilt of the


9. _____________________________ n. one who can give first-hand account of something seen, heard, or


10. ___________________________ __n. a solemn declaration usually made orally by a witness under oath in

response to interrogation by a lawyer or authorized public official

11. _____________________________ n. when a jury cannot come to a unanimous decision, forcing the judge to

declare a mistrial

12. _____________________________ n. invalid trial, caused by fundamental error; trial must start again from the

selection of the jury

13. _____________________________ n. something that furnishes proof

14. _____________________________ n.

the putting of a person on trial for an offense for which he or she has been

previously been put on trial under a valid charge

15. ____________________________ adj.

the act or action of defending

II. Sentence Completion and Context Clues: Use the context clue(s) to determine which word from your list best completes each sentence. Write your answer neatly on the line. Spelling and capitalization DO count!


The criminal’s _______________________ attorney was worried that he wouldn’t be able to save the man from jail time.


The _____________________ was made of up six men and six women.


The ________________________ was determined to work hard to make sure the accused goes to jail.


Some of the _____________________ included a bloody knife, a hate letter, and a hateful text message.


The witness’s __________________________ included information about how the accused was angry at the person who was murdered.


The jurors took over four hours to _________________________on the verdict.


There was an error with data, so the judge declared a _____________________for the case.


There were two ___________________________(es) who could explain where they saw the criminal on the night of the murder.


The movie stub was _____________________that the criminal was at a movie on the night of the murder.


The _______________________________ was “not guilty”, so everyone was free to go home.

III. Dramatic Elements Review: Write the correct answer on the line provided.


A story acted on stage in front of a live audience is called a ________________________.


The word drama originated from what country? _________________________________.


A ___________________ is a type of play that involves an unhappy ending.


A ___________________ is a type of play that has a happy ending.


A standard acting stage is called the _______________________.