To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 7-11 study guide

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To Kill a Mockingbird
Chapters 7-11 study guide
I. Definitions – Match the correct vocabulary term to its definition.
1. _____________________________ (v.) to dwell
2. _____________________________ (n.) a representation of a person that is exaggerated for comic effect
3. _____________________________ (v.) destroy completely
4. _____________________________ (adv.) in a brave manner
5. _____________________________ (adv.) not often
6. _____________________________ (adj.) occurring or operating at the same time
7. _____________________________ (adj.) impossible to come to understand
8. _____________________________ (adv.) to give or supply
9. _____________________________ (v.) make psychologically or physically used (to something)
10. _____________________________ (adj.) not carefully or expertly made
11. _____________________________ (adj.) marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion
12. _____________________________ (v) suppress or crush immediately
13. _____________________________ (n.) a condition of great disorder
14. _____________________________ (adv.) complete or extreme
15. _____________________________ (v.) to give or supply
II. Sentence Completion and Context Clues: Use the context clue(s) to determine which word from
your list best completes each sentence. Write your answer neatly on the line. Spelling and
capitalization DO count!
1. The soldier ______________________faced the battlefield with honor.
2. The dress was _____________________, with patches and hoes everywhere.
3. Ms. Casmus became _________________________during the Eagle’s win against the Cowboys.
4. Teachers can ______________________________(ly) teach, stop a student from texting, and keep another
student from falling asleep.
5. The tsunami completely _______________________(ed) the city.
6. Bob __________________________punched the wall because he was so angry at his team for losing.
7. It is _________________________________how some people are not willing to listen to other’s opinions, yet
still cause judgment.
8. I need to _________________________my students with school supplies, but I can’t afford them.
9. I am the neighbor people ________________________see because I am never home.
10. The snow man was a _______________________________of the Finch’s next door neighbor.
III. Synonyms and Antonyms: Provide a term from this week’s list on the blank provided.
1. crush - _____________________________________
2. honorable - ______________________________________
3. cartoon - ________________________________________
4. in sync - _____________________________________
5. chaos- ______________________________________
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. understandable- _____________________________________
7. take away- ______________________________________
8. calmly- ________________________________________
9. frequently- ____________________________________
10. marked by hate- ______________________________________
Put in the appropriate semicolons:
1. Eating healthy helps you lose weight staying fit keeps you healthy.
2. My dog hates dog food he loves eating my dinner.
3. I would go to the store however, I have too much work I need to finish.
4. I hate doing math homework I love doing art homework.
5. I got an A on my English assignment I really studied hard.