Chapter 19: From War to Peace. Name: _____________________________________________________ Period: _____

Chapter 19: From War to Peace.
Name: _____________________________________________________ Period: _____
Section 1: Postwar Havoc.
1. What were the causes and effects of the first Red Scare?
2. How did 100 Percent Americanism combine feelings of both pride and prejudice?
3. What were the Palmer Raids?
4. What caused the Red Scare to die down?
5. What were some of the labor gains made during WW I?
6. Why were labor leaders unable to build on the gains they had made during WW I?
7. What was the result of the Seattle general strike of 1919?
8. What were some causes and effects of labor unrest?
9. How did the United States limit immigration after WW I?
10. Do you think the convictions of Sacco and Vanzetti were justified? Explain.
Section 2: A New Economic Era.
1. What role did the Ford Motor Company and Henry Ford play in revolutionizing
American industry?
2. What made it possible for Ford’s workers to be able to buy cars themselves?
3. What is welfare capitalism?
4. What new industries developed as a result of automobiles?
5. How did advertising change the American marketplace?
6. What were some weak parts of the economy in the 1920s?
Section 3: The Harding and Coolidge Presidencies.
1. What political events and ideas marked the Warren G. Harding presidency?
2. How did Harding’s tendency to avoid taking positions on issues affect his presidency?
3. In what way did the Fordney-McCumber Tariff backfire?
4. What political events and ideas marked the Calvin Coolidge presidency?
5. How was Coolidge able to avoid being tainted by the scandals that had surfaced in the
Harding Administration?
6. What was the purpose of the Washington Naval Conference of 1921?
7. What was the Kellogg-Briand Pact?