Judaism and Christianity p18 Warm Up Explain how


Judaism and Christianity


Warm Up

 Explain how

Confucianism and

Buddhism are similar and different?

Name of Religion Judaism

Place of Worship Synagogue

Rabbi Clergy' Title




Religious Center Israel (Jerusalem)

Name of God YHWH (Yahveh): "The Lord," the creator

Status of Messiah Has NOT appeared yet

Key Followers Moses, Abraham

Type Monotheism

• Torah (1st five books of the Old Testament)

Hebrew history

Describes moral conduct and duty to the Lord

Bible (Old Testament)

Gives details of daily life, food, prayer

 Passover - the Exodus, Hanukkah ( הָּכֻנ ֲח ), Rosh

Hshanah ( הנשה שאר ), Yom Kippur ( וּפּ ִּכ םוֹי )

• No religious art, family ties, no pork

Kosher - Fit for use, Sabbath on Saturday

• Yes

• One Supreme God; intolerant, but forgiving

Stress moral conduct

Follow God's will (from the Bible) 10 Commandments

People who do will gain salvation

People who don't will suffer God's penalties

• Not a God from Nature

Oldest existing religion

First monotheistic religion

Unique right vs. wrong religion

Basis of Christianity and Islam

Name of Religion Christianity

Originating-People Hebrews

Religious Center Jerusalem

Name of God


Trinity- Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Status of Messiah Jesus

Key Followers


Paul missionary, Peter first Bishop of Rome


Place of Worship Cathedral, Church

Clergy' Title


Priest, Reverend, Pastor

Yes, Heaven and Hell

Old Testament

*Hebrew Bible

*Ethics and Laws

New Testament

*Gospels (Life of Jesus)

*Epistles (Letters)

*Love, forgiveness of enemies


*Christ as the key to salvation, and Eternal life in the Kingdom of God

*Christ as the only true judge

*To live life as Jesus did (Christ like)

Dominates European life from 300s to 1800s CE

Historically, most influential religion

Basis for all denominations of Christian religions

1st offshoot of Judaism