COS226 Survey Name: Email:

COS226 Survey
All answers are completely confidential and you may skip any and all questions that you wish to skip. Feel free to add
extra space for each question. Submit online as “me.pdf”. We highly prefer .pdf format over .doc format.
Where’d you grow up? What has been your academic path?
(e.g. Did you live in the same time throughout your entire upbringing, or did you move around? If so, where? Have you
attended other schools? Are you enrolled at Princeton or visiting from somewhere else?)
What’s your (intended) major, and how’d you decide to take CoS226?
What are your hobbies?
What are some of your talents and skills?
Have you done anything you consider remarkable? Has anything really memorable
happened to you? (e.g. travel, climbing Kilimanjaro, being on a reality TV show, overcoming adversity or illness,
winning a Starcraft tournament, surfing Waimea, etc.)
Are there any particular topics that you’d like to hear about in lecture/precept? (feel free
to suggest topics as the semester continues)
Extra super optional – Include a picture of yourself on this page