Introductory Letter Assignment

Introductory Letter Assignment
 Handwritten on lined paper
 Use pen – blue or black ink
 Letter format
o Dear Ms. Birtcher,
(date at right)
 3 paragraphs of content
o Who are you as a person?
o Who are you as a student?
o Pick one thing that is your favorite “something” and talk about why it is your
favorite. (Food, Music, Movie, Vacation spot, etc…)
 Signature
o Sincerely, or Yours truly
o Your first and last name
The objectives of this assignment are for me to learn about you, but also to see your writing
skills to help me assess the level of the class and the individuals. This should be your very best
writing effort. I recommend doing a rough draft first, and then a second “finished” copy to
hand in.