The Whiskey Rebellion

The Whiskey Rebellion
tax on whiskey for war debts
whiskey made from leftover grain… so grain farmers had another source of income
protests got out of hand & violent
seen as a challenge to the power of the new government
MESSAGE: The U.S. will use force to maintain order
explanation from a high school project:
- Britain & Spain were encouraging Native Americans to oppose U.S. settlers w/ their backing
- treaties were signed, but U.S. settlers kept coming & ignored the agreements
St. Claire
fought N.A. led by Little Turtle
N.A. led by Blue Jacket
lost to N.A. (worst defeat)
fought N.A.
defeated N.A., ended NW Terr.War
- these battles led to rise of Tecumseh
see interactive map in book online
Battle of Fallen Timbers & The Treaty of Greenville
took place near present day Toledo, Ohio near Ft. Miami (a British Fort)
N.A. thought the forest with all its fallen trees would be hard for Americans to fight in
Wayne’s fighting tactics proved them wrong (he used ROMAN-style legions)
N.A. tried to retreat to Ft. Miami, but the British would not let them in (fearing war w/ U.S.)
Treaty: N.A. lost their land in Southern, Central, and Eastern Ohio, but stayed in Northwest Ohio + N.A. were
given $20,000
direct & simple explanation from a middle school teacher:
detailed information from a high school teacher:
American inspired = Noble fight against royal tyranny
Established a Constitutional Monarchy - (which will eventually
created the “Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen”
which means “Declaration of the rights of Man and the Citizen” like our “Bill of Rights”
Liberté, égalité, fraternité = Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
A revolution gone wrong…
The Reign of Terror - those who opposed the
revolution were killed. Around 15,000 people
were executed by guillotine & another 25,000
were killed by other means or died in war
Proclamation of Neutrality
❖ America is neutral in the war between Britain & France
❖ no American can fight on either side of the war
❖ no British or French warships can dock in American ports until the war is over
British impressment
British captured American sailors and forced them to serve in the British Navy
British forts in NW Territory Jay’s Treaty
British Impressment
Spanish blocked
Americans from sailing the
Mississippi River
taxed Americans trade in
New Orleans
Pinckney’s Treaty
averted war with Britain
British left American soil
divided U.S. gov’t
Southern Border of U.S.
free navigation of Mississippi
tax-free trade in New Orleans
A rap… by high school students… about Jay’s Treaty
detailed information from a high school teacher about Pinckney’s Treaty:
Washington’s Farewell Address
Warnings and advice for the future
avoid forming political parties (in book)
use debt as sparingly as possible - it’s the people’s money
avoid permanent alliances with foreign countries (in book)
keep the states unified for peace at home - avoid sectionalism
be sure to keep freedom of religion - morality is important when voting
trust, follow, and defend the Constitution
checks and balances + separation of powers work better than violent protests
future generations should be educated - there is power in an informed voter
video about W’s farewell by high school students: