Federalist Mnemonic Device Activity

Federalist Mnemonic Device Activity
State Standard: Explain the challenges in writing and ratifying the U.S. Constitution
including: The Federalist/Anti-Federalist debate; The debate over a Bill of Rights.
1. Read chapter 7 lesson 3 in your history book.
2. Take a piece of plain white paper and write the word FEDERAL down the left side of the
paper. Evenly space each letter and make sure that you have a straight line beside each
3. After you read the section use the letters to record information you learn about the
ratification of the Constitution.
Use Complete Sentences
Write using ink or colored pencil
Be neat.
Use the letter from the word federal to start the sentence that describes what you have learned
about ratification of the constitution.
Due Date: Wednesday Jan.27th, 2016