Chapter 10: Growing Tensions Between the Colonies and Britain


Chapter 10: Growing Tensions Between the Colonies and Britain

debts – money that is owed to someone else, including countries.

acts – laws create or passed by a government.

Taxation without representation – being taxed without having any power in one’s government

protest – to complain in public about something one feels is unfair.

10.2 The French and Indian War

Ohio Valley was fought over: French + Native Americans vs. British + colonists

British gained control over Quebec in Canada, French lost Canada (1760), wanted peace in 1762

Britain then won Ohio River valley

*End result, lots of land for British, but also lots of debt

10.3 The Proclamation of 1763

Law stated that Native Americans could have land west of Appalachian Mountains and settlers could not go there.

Colonists detested this and largely ignored it.

10.4 The Quartering Act

Parliament – lawmaking part of British government, similar to our Congress

Post French and Indian War, British left soldiers to protect colonists.

Britain thought colonists should help pay.

Made them: provide quarter (living space), food, fuel, candles, transportation

Colonists were angry and treated soldiers badly.

10.5 The Stamp Act

Created to help pay debts

Colonists had to pay a tax on printed papers – marked with blue stamp (to prove tax was paid)

Newspapers, pamphlets, marriage licenses, playing cards

Colonists were furious!

Some refused to pay, used other items, made other items to circumvent the tax, harassed tax collectors, attacked them,

Tax was repealed in 1766 because it wasn’t working.

repeal – to take back, or to cancel, a law

10.6 The Boston Massacre

1770 – colonists were getting angrier and angrier with the presence of British soldiers

Very tense atmosphere

A guard in front of the Customs House was verbally abused by colonists soldiers joined him, crowd got loud – unclear what really happened, but shots rang out

5 people dead, 6 wounded

10.7 The Boston Tea Party

British government had to collect more money, so they taxed imported tea.

Colonists were furious – a group went on the ship and dumped all the tea – and only the tea – into the ocean.

This made the King very, very angry.

10.8 The Intolerable Acts

In response to the Boston Tea Party, Parliament passed a few acts meant as punishment. One example was to close the Boston Harbor until the lost tea was paid for. Many people lost their jobs and some were afraid of starving to death.

The First Continental Congress was formed to discuss problems with Britain.