Questions for “Objects” Name _______________________________ Date _____________ Hr ____

Questions for “Objects”
Name _______________________________ Date _____________ Hr ____
Primary Focus: Close reading of text
Secondary Focus: Symbolism
Directions: Neatly write on this sheet, or type on a separate sheet, your answers to the following questions.
Answer thoroughly and in complete sentences.
What is the writer’s main point? What specific statement(s) or phrase(s) let the reader know?
2. Does Lester actually expect his children to find room for 10,000 books? Does Lester likely even have
10,000 books? What is the purpose of this hyperbole (exaggeration)?
3. What specific items does the author value that others will find useless? What do you learn about
Lester from his “valued” possessions?
4. Although the article is about the death of his father, the author takes a joking tone in paragraph three.
What specific phrases or lines create this joking tone? Why do you think the author would do this in an
essay about such a serious topic?
5. Why does the author keep his father’s slides?
Assignment: Due _______________________________________
In this essay, Lester addresses in the idea that one’s identity is tied to his or her material possessions, that the
things people treasure are somehow tied to who they are. For this assignment, rather than trying to bring in
your most treasured possessions, bring in 3 to 5 items that could represent you symbolically. They must fit into
the brown paper bag provided for you in class. For example, in my bag I included a broken drill bit to
symbolize that sometimes despite my best intentions, the lack of skill or knowledge can cause me trouble. Try
to be as “clever” as possible, but don’t worry if you find yourself bringing a simple item like a plastic fork to
symbolize your love for fast food (although…the temporary…)
The goal here is to challenge yourself to think outside of the box a little bit and share something about
yourself, but to have fun with it.
Consider audience: Do not bring anything inappropriate or even questionable.
No photos unless they are pictures of any object that would not fit into your bag. Limit 2 for that.