“Because of you, I didn’t give up.” Elise Adams

I want to inspire
students to say
“Because of
you, I didn’t
give up.”
Elise Adams
Physical Education Student Teacher
Hi, my name is Elise Adams.
I am a student teacher from Arizona State University in the
Physical Education program. I am honored to have the
opportunity to learn from DeJuan Sanders this spring. I will be
teaching every day for the first half of the school day. I am very
excited to get to know the students at Taft Elementary School.
I am a yoga teacher, a runner, and I love to hike, mountain bike,
and dance (especially with my two young daughters).
I decided to become a Physical Education teacher because I
want to teach children that being active should be a life-long
habit to bring health and happiness. With these skills that I will
be teaching your children, they will develop strong, healthy
bodies and minds, as well as finding exciting, new activities
they will love.