FALL 2014
ROOM 213
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Course Description
This class is a course in reading, observing, writing, and reasoning. We will analyze a variety of poetry,
essays, and novels from American literature. We will write critical essays examining the literary devices various
writers employ. All written assignments demand mature and appropriate organization, style, and level of
understanding appropriate for juniors in high school.
This course will require students to read deliberately and thoroughly. Students will analyze and consider
the works we read not only for their literary merits, but also to deepen their understanding of the historical
context during which the work was composed. Student writing will require students to develop and organize
ideas in clear, coherent, and persuasive language.
Basic Classroom Rules
During the first day of school, we will establish rules as a class. When addressing cellphones and other
electronics students will be held school policy. However, I do require two basic rules to be followed at
all times:
1. Mutual respect between teachers and students.
2. Absolutely no bullying or inappropriate comments made between students. This is a zerotolerance policy in my classroom.
As 11th graders, I encourage you to be self-advocates and communicate with me any issues you have
before, or after class, as well as through email. Please allow me at least 24 hours to respond through email. If
you leave a message on my school extension, please note that I will check messages before school, at lunch and
after school. If you need to discuss an issue with me in person, I am happy to set up meetings before or after
Unless otherwise directed, the student is required to bring the following materials to class each day:
A notebook used with a supply of clean notepaper
Pencil, blue or black ink pen
On days where home reading will be combined with in class reading, students will be expect to bring the
proper book or reading materials with them.
The course will be taught out of the district issued textbook and will be supplemented with a number of
outside readings. Student will be reading several novels over the course of the year, including The Great
Gatsby. Further readings will be assigned as is appropriate to the class. The school will provide the textbook,
but novels will be provided only when possible. I will do my best to avoid any outside acquiring of books. If
issues arise in acquiring books, arrangements can be made through the teacher.
You are responsible for any material covered during an absence. That means that you must get the notes
from someone in class first, and then meet with me. This must be done upon your return to school.
If you miss an in-class assignment, you must make it up within one week of your absence or make
alternative arrangements with me.
I will be following Skyline’s guidelines for tardiness as stated in the school handbook. No exceptions
will be made.
Grades are based on a percentage of accumulated points. Essay grades will be based on the 6 Traits grading
rubric. Grades are based on the following percentages:
100% - 90%
89% - 80%
79% - 70%
69% - 60%
59% or below
Late work will be accepted, however you will lose 10% of the total points possible each day your work is late.
Late work will not be accepted after 1 week unless prior arrangements have been made.
Plagiarism is a serious violation of academic integrity and the Mesa Public Schools code of student
conduct. In short, plagiarism occurs when a student takes ideas and thoughts from others and represents them as
their own. This behavior is unacceptable and will result in a failing grade for the assignment. For more
information about plagiarism and the academic concerns associated with this practice, please visit this website:
Course Content Disclaimer
This course is designed to be challenging and thought provoking. The history and
literature of America is colorful and exciting, but can lead us into some interesting and
controversial places. Issues of gender, sex, and religion do arise from time to time and are
essential parts of both the history and literature of America. Any discussion in class concerning
either of these topics will be sensitively handled and restricted to appropriate academic
discussions. Additionally, there are times in class where video resources will be utilized,
including movies that are rated G, PG and PG-13. These videos are appropriate for the
classroom environment and are meant to enrich the learning experience.
Signing this document acknowledges that you have read the above syllabus and agree to the
terms stated, including video resources.
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