COMT 130 – Introduction to Public Speaking ...

COMT 130 – Introduction to Public Speaking
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I Have a Dream
Martin Luther King
Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.
August 28, 1963
Historical event (identification and unify)
I. Need (Problem)
A. History
1. Emancipation Proclamation
2. Negro is still not free
B. We come to “cash a check”
1. Constitution and Declaration of Independence
2. government defaulted on promissory note
C. Dangers
1. Legitimate discontent
2. “drink from cup of bitterness and hatred”
II. Plan (Solution)
A. Conduct struggle on high plane
1. Dignity: creative protest
2. Discipline
- march ahead
- do not be satisfied
- work with faith
- do not wallow in despair
B. My dream
1. Mississippi
2. Four children
3. Alabama
4. “crooked places will be made straight”
III. Action (Solution)
A. Our hope
1. What we can do with faith
2. Sing with new meaning
B. Let freedom ring
Free at last