A. Jones Highlights of Professional Experience Head, Science Reference Department

A. Jones
Highlights of Professional Experience
Head, Science Reference Department
Database Design:
As part of the GALILEO Oversight Group, I help to design
the search interface and prepare the UMI, OCLC, and
Cambridge Scientific databases for use. For the SiteSearch
and FirstSearch databases I identify appropriate fields
for indexing locally, and advise the programmers on
formatting, punctuation, and other display issues. In
addition, I write scope screens and extensively test
databases for bugs and indexing errors.
On two separate occasions, Sigma Xi’s local chapter has
given me their annual award for Technical Support. These
awards are initiated by science faculty who are members of
this honorary society. I have also received a Libraries
Asset Award for Excellence in Service to the Public.
Committee assignments have afforded me opportunities
to use my organizational skills. For example, as chair, I
coordinated the compilation of the first UGA Libraries’
Faculty Handbook. This task entailed arranging a large
body of information into a logical sequence with useful
access points.
As one of three librarians asked to serve on the
Vice President for Academic Affairs Search Committee
for a Library Director, I met with faculty from
diverse departments for many months to define the
position, conduct interviews, and evaluate the candidates.
My inhouse bibliography, Reference Guides for the
Weatherwise, turned it into a survey of the literature
article for Reference Services Review. Subsequently, I
was asked to evaluate agriculture journals for Magazines
for Libraries.
Staff Development:
I instituted a continuing program of resource sharing by
assigning topics to staff members and asking that they
report on the scope and ease of use of selected tools.
Subjects which have been covered include food
composition tables on the Web, water quality data on CDROM, spectroscopy charts, and plant taxonomy resources.