Final Reflection Paper

Final Reflection Paper
This paper should be typed and show reflection and connection to class content. The main goal
of this paper is to discuss your growth, new learning and what you are taking away from this
course. You will do this by first, analyzing and discussing your Human Abilities pre and post
assessments. Respond to the following questions:
1. What assumptions or expectations did I have when I completed the pre-test at the
beginning of the quarter?
2. In what ways did my scores change in the post-test in each area? Why? What did these
changes mean for me?
Based on your analysis of your pre- and post-tests and your experiences in the class, choose 3
specific topics/experiences from the class and write about them using the “Keys to Articulate
Your Learning” as outlined below. Think about what has been most meaningful to you and
select those 3. Please label each section prior to responding with your articulated learnings (i.e.,
if you are writing about your self esteem label it Self Esteem, then complete your learnings
related to self esteem).
Class topics:
Self Esteem (including any inventories)
Goal Setting
Teams & team building – including your team/service learning experiences
Professional Presentation – including job apps, interviews, resumes, etc.
Communication and communication styles – including communication style inventory
Conflict Resolution
Self-Awareness inventories – Learning Styles, Personality inventory, etc.
Cultural Diversity
Ethics & Values
Keys to Articulate Your Learning
The statement “I learned that” should…
 Express an important learning, not just a statement of fact.
 Provide a clear and correct explanation of the concept(s), as a result of reflection
on your experience.
 Be expressed in general terms, not just in the context of your experience (so that
the learning can be applied more broadly to other experiences).
“I learned this when” should…
 Connect your learning to your specific activities, making clear what happened in
the context of that experience so that someone who wasn’t there could understand
“This learning matters because” should…
 Consider how the learning has value, both in terms of your project-related
activities and in broader terms, such as:
o Other organizations or issues
o Other activities you participate in
o Other personal interests or professional goals
o Other courses
“In light of this learning” should…
 Set specific and assessable goals and consider the benefits and challenges
involved in fulfilling those goals.
 Tie back clearly to the original learning statement.
Sample paragraph using the keys to articulate learning:
In taking College Success Strategies, I learned that the Cornell method for note
taking is a very effective system. I learned this when I tried this note taking system in my math
class. I used the left side to take notes on the explanation the teacher gave and the cue column to
write down the examples. When I went back to look at them it was so much easier to read than
my other notes. Then at the bottom of the page I wrote a summary of the rules for using that
particular equation. I also saw that I was missing some information so I went back to the book
and found it and wrote it into my notes. When I went to do my homework I just referred to my
notes. The summaries helped me locate quickly which page of notes talked about which
problems. It seemed so much less confusing. This learning matters because anything I can do to
help myself understand math is a good thing. I have been struggling in that class but I think this
will help. It also helps me keep focused in class and stops my mind from wandering. It would
probably help me in my other classes as well. In light of this learning I am going to continue to
use the T-note system in math class and also try it in my other classes.