Structure Inventory and Inspection Management System

Structure Inventory
Inspection Management
inspectt ech
Why a new System?
•“Maximize process efficiency and
•“Maximize process for efficient and
prudent decision-making”
•“Improve internal and external customer
Why a new System?
* State Inspections
Inefficient and cumbersome
•Inspectors typed same date 75 times
•Multiple software applications
•Data entry laborious and time consuming
Old State system included 13 disparate
databases and spreadsheets
Why a new System?
*City/County Inspection
FHWA requiring more State oversight
FHWA data requirements
FHWA required QC/QA
Web Based
 No installed software required
 Allows for anytime/anywhere access
 After inspection submitted from field can be
continued/edited from any network computer
Laptop Edition
All features available on laptop
Runs on Laptop/Tablet computers in the field
Electronic enabled versions of all inspection
Once done with field work all data can be
submitted to the server computer
Who will use it?
Owner given unique username/password
Username determines structures & permissions
Inspector given unique username/password
Data Accessed through SIIMS
 User information
 Inspection Schedule data
 Field Inspection data
 Load Rating
 Critical features
 Critical findings
Data Accessed through SIIMS
 Channel cross section
 Scour
 Photographs
 Sketches
 Plans
 Inspection equipment list
Inspection Management
Monitor Inspection Frequency
• 30 days late
• 90 days late
• 180 days late
• Posting Status
• Fracture Critical Inspections Overdue
• Underwater Inspections Overdue
Initial reviews can be done without traveling to a
county or city office.
• Queries can be run on any Local agencies data.
• Documents required in a bridge file can be easily
• When issues arise, a Local agency can add
information to the file without having to send it to us.
• Field reviews can be more efficient when most of the
data is reviewed beforehand.
Scott Neubauer, P.E.
Bridge Maintenance and Inspection Engineer
Iowa DOT
[email protected]