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Honors Gometry
Stella Ollarsaba
Room: B404
Voice Mail: (480) 472-3155
Email: [email protected]
Expect a response from a phone call or email within 24 hours.
In Honors Geometry, the student will analyze characteristics and properties of two- and
three-dimensional geometric shapes and develop mathematical arguments about
geometric relationships. Spatial relationships using coordinate geometry and
transformations will be used to analyze mathematical situations. The use of visualization,
spatial reasoning and geometric modeling will be used to solve problems. This course is
a prerequisite for MA41 Honors Algebra II.
Textbook: Big Ideas Geometry by Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell
Compass, protractor, graph paper, notebook paper, ruler, pencil and colored pencils
A scientific calculator(usually under $15) If affordable, a graphing calculator (TI-84
or TI-Nspire) is a good investment for all upper level math honors courses, including
Honors Geometry.
Absences may affect your grade. A student will be put on AUDIT status after 9 absences
in a semester. Students will be given one day for each day they are absent to make-up
work. Students absent on the day of a test will take the test the following day or have the
next test doubled. Also possible is an alternate test given by instructor. If you are absent
from class due to field trips, assemblies or in SWEEP room, you are expected to submit
assignments on time. Only make-up work with excused absences will be given full
Daily homework will be assigned. All assignments must be turned in. Parents will be
notified if an assignment is missing. Assignments are designed to help students pass the
assessments given throughout the course. Information regarding tests, projects and
homework is located in a calendar posted on my website as well as the student planner.
Students and parents will also be able to access student grades through My MPS (Parent
or Student Portal). The grade book is updated every week.
Points from homework, notebook checks and special assignments are worth 10% of the
quarter grade and points from tests are worth 90% of the quarter grade. The grading
scale is as follows:
below 60%
The cumulative points from the semester are worth 80% and the final exam grade is
worth 20% of the semester grade. The above grading scale will also be used for
calculating semester grades.
Final exams for the fall semester are December 17 and 18. There will be no early finals.
This will also be true for spring semester finals on May 25 and 26.
Hall Passes
Electronic Devices
Passes will not be issued during the first 10 minutes of class except in emergencies
as requested by school administration. More than two passes per quarter is discouraged.
As soon as students walk into class they must keep cell phones and other electronic
devices in their backpacks in the OFF/SILENT mode. These items will be confiscated
and turned into the front office if students are found using them in class.
Help is available every morning except Wednesdays. Students will be able to make
arrangements to get help after school. Students should make prior arrangements.
1. Be on time. Absences and tardies will be handled in accordance with school and
district policies.
2. Bring all necessary materials to class each day.
3. Be courteous toward others. Work cooperatively in groups and contribute to an
atmosphere conducive to learning.
4. Make sure cell phones and ALL electronics are silenced and put away when entering
the classroom and used only when directed.
5. Food and drinks may not be consumed in the classroom.
6. Abide by all of the Dobson High School Behavior Guidelines.
*Failure to abide by any of the above guidelines may result in a warning, conference with
student, conference with parent/guardian, and/or administrative referral.
Statement of Awareness for Honor Geometry Rules and Regulations
I acknowledge that I have read and do understand the course guidelines.
Communication is the key to the student-parent-teacher team success.
Mrs. Ollarsaba, Room 404
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