Three Rod Mixer Project Image Here Team Members: Advisor

Three Rod Mixer
Team Members: Tony Nelson,
and Scot Gilbert
Advisor: Dr. Mark Stremler
Project Image Here
The goal of this project is to create a highefficiency, low energy mixer that provides both
gentle and thorough mixing of a variety of viscous
fluids. We are applying the concepts of topological
chaos and pseudo-Anosov mixing to the problem of
stirring high viscosity fluids.
Design Overview:
-Design a device that can mix high viscosity fluids
thoroughly and efficiently.
-Use computer modeling (FLUENT) and theoretical
stress analysis to optimize design decisions.
-Make an initial prototype based on theoretical
-Test initial prototype for thoroughness of mixing,
energy efficiency, and mixing speed.
-Build a final model based on the results from the
original prototype and test it.