Bloom’s Ball Literary Response Project

Bloom’s Ball
Literary Response Project
What: You will design and create a dodecahedron (12 sided 3-D figure)
that will be a “book report” on a chapter book on your reading level.
When: You will be given time in class to complete the writing and drawing
aspect of the project. If the project is not completed on time in class you
will be responsible to finish the project on your own time. In order to be on
pace to complete the assignment on time, you should finish an activity a
How: You will use the attached list of multi-level activities as a guide. The
first pentagon is your title. Then choose 11 activities to complete for your
project. The activities range in difficulty. Whichever you choose must be of
top quality. Each pentagon must be completely colored. You will need a
straight edge, a sharp pencil, and clear, detailed work to earn full credit.
Ask questions before the project is due if you don’t understand
Due Dates:
Monday April 4th, - 4 activities complete and turned in.
Monday April 11th,- 8 activities complete and turned in.
Monday April 18th - Entire project (12 activities) complete and turned in.
Each activity is worth 10 points. The total project is worth 120 points.
Presentation: (5 points) Neatly and completely colored, correct spelling,
best handwriting, effort shown.
Content: (5 points) Completely follows direction of activity.
1. Write a summary of the plot of the book. Be sure to include the beginning,
middle, and end.
2. Using a Venn Diagram, compare and contrast two characters from the book.
3. Draw and label a map showing where your story takes place. If there is more
than one setting, include each one on the same pentagon.
4. Draw a scene where the main character changes in your story and add a detailed
caption, telling what is happening.
5. Draw the climax (point of most intense action) of the book. Add a detailed
caption, telling what is happening.
6. Write a poem about your character. Ask your teacher for an English book if you
need help with types of poetry.
7. Design a crossword using vocabulary words from the book.
8. Make a timeline, either vertical or horizontal, with ten events from the book.
Illustrate a few events to add detail to your timeline.
9. Draw an alternate book cover. Remember to include author and illustrator
names, when applicable.
10. Write an “About the Author” after researching the author. Include other books
the author has written.
11. Create a glossary using 5 vocabulary words. Include a pronunciation key, part of
speech, definition, and sentence for each word. Use a dictionary to help you with
12. Write a review of the book. Include what you liked and what you did not like
about the book.
13. Draw a picture of your favorite character and complete a character sketch for
that character. Tell things about the character – likes, dislikes, personality, role in
the story, etc.
14. Write a journal entry as a character in the book, giving advice to others. Base
the advice on what that character learned in the book.
15. Write an idea for a sequel to your book. Include the title and a detailed summary
of the plot of the sequel, using a beginning, middle, and end.
16. Make a t-chart that shows at least 5 clearly written causes and effects from
the story. Each event may need to be more than one sentence to be understood
by the reader.