Name ____________________________ Date __________ Per _______ Catholic Essentials Ch. 2

Name ____________________________
Date __________ Per _______
Catholic Essentials Ch. 2
10. compendium of Catholic doctrine on faith and morals
published in 1992 that serves Catholics as “a sure norm for
teaching the faith” and “an authentic reference text”
1. occasion when Jesus revealed His divine glory before Peter,
James and John on a high mountain, where his face “shone
like the sun and his clothes became white as light”
2. Church dogma that teaches that Jesus was conceived
through the Virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit
without the cooperation of a human father
3. belief that Mary was conceived without Original Sin,
celebrated on Dec. 8.
4. means “existing completely within”; When we explore
This, we ask, “How does God exist in God?”
5. also known as Economic Trinity, the active and inseparable
work of the Triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – in
salvation history.
6. word that means “ransom”; Jesus’ Death is the ransom that
defeated the powers of evil.
7. central truth of Revelation that Catholics are obliged to
8. one of the theological virtues; an acknowledgment of and an
allegiance to God
9. follower of Jesus Christ, from the Latin word for “learner”
11. feast that celebrates the mystery of Christ’s manifestation
as the Savior of the world
12. Greek term for “Messiah”, meaning “the anointed one.”
Name ____________________________
Date __________ Per _______
Catholic Essentials Ch. 3
1. letter written by the Pope about some important issue and
circulated through the entire Church
3. God’s plan for human living that is written in the very way
he created things. Binding on all people at all times, it is the
light of understanding that God puts in us so we can discover
what is good and what is evil
4. thought, word or act that expresses hatred or contempt for
God, Christ, the Church, saints or holy things
6. fallen state of human nature into which all generations of
people are born. Christ Jesus came to save us from Original
11. called Yom Kippur, this is the holiest day of the year for
Jews. It is a day when Jews ask forgiveness for both
communal and personal sins.
2. inclination to commit sin. It can be found in human desires
and appetites as a result of Original Sin.
5. the day when the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles and
gave them the power to preach with conviction the message
that Jesus is risen and is Lord of the universe.
7. our final communion with the Blessed Trinity, Mary, the
angels, and all the saints
8. meaning “supreme happiness”, these eight saying preached
by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount respond to our natural
desire for happiness.
9. offence against God through a violation of truth, reason, and
10. male rulers, elders or leader. The patriarchs of faith of
Israel are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.