1. *Abortion: The deliberate termination of a pregnancy... killing an unborn child

1. *Abortion: The deliberate termination of a pregnancy by
killing an unborn child
2. *Adultery: Extra marital and non marital sexual activity
3. *Annulment: A declaration by the Church that a marriage is
null and void; never existed
4. *Artificial Insemination: The process by which a man’s
sperm and a woman’s egg are united
5. *Chastity: The virtue by which people are able to healthfully
integrate their sexuality
6. *Contraception: Deliberate attempt to interfere with the
creation of new life
7. *Fornication: Premarital sexual intercourse
8. *Homosexuality: Sexual attraction between members of the
same sex
9. *Lust: Intense and uncontrolled desire for sexual pleasure
*Masturbation: Self manipulation of one’s genitals for
sexual pleasure
*Pornography: Written or visual portrayal of persons
or actions to stimulate sexual feeling.
12. In Vitro Fertalization: The fertilization of a woman’s ovum
with a man's sperm outside of her body.