The Canterbury Tales Creation of a Vivid and Interesting Character:

The Canterbury Tales Remix Judging Criteria
Creation of a Vivid and Interesting Character:
Rhyme, Rhythm and Meter
Frame Story
Grammar, Mechanics, Etc.
Performance, Delivery
Final Draft
Notes on Taste and Appropriateness:
While humor, wit and social satire are encouraged in this project, it is
important to respect the boundaries of appropriate and tasteful content. We
want to entertain our audience, not offend them. Good social satire is
delicate: we want to illuminate the quirks and flaws of our characters, but we
also want to avoid stereotyping or culturally insensitive humor.
 Excessive alcohol references
 Drug references
 Sexual references
 Swearing
 Any comments that are derogatory or could be offensive to
members of racial, cultural, religious, sexual orientation or
gender groups.