Name ________________________________ Date _____ Class _____ Weekly Review #6

Name ________________________________
Weekly Review #6
Date _____ Class _____
Mr. Lynch
Part I: Place the letter of the correct answer on the line provided!
_____ 1) Which number is a whole number, but not a natural number?
a) .725
b) -6
c) 4
_____ 2) If p V q is false, then:
a) both p and q are false
b) both p and q are true
d) 0
c) p is false and q is true
d) p is true and q is false
_____ 3) Which of the following pairs of angles are not congruent?
a) vertical
b) alternate interior
c) supplementary
c) corresponding
_____ 4) Which of the following is not a cevian?
a) angle bisector
c) midpoint
b) altitude
d) median
_____ 5) Which figure has one and only one line of symmetry?
a) rhombus
b) circle
c) square
d) isosceles trapezoid
Part II: Complete each of the following showing all work!!!
6) Solve the following quadratic equation:
x2 + 4x = 5
7) Find the geometric mean of the following two numbers:
18 and 26
8) Find the equation of the line that passes through the points (-4,1) and (-8,6).
9) If the measure of each base angle of an isosceles triangle is 42° more than the measure of the
vertex angle, find the measure of all three angles.
10) In right triangle ABC, CD is the altitude drawn to hypotenuse AB. The length of AD is 9
units more than DB.
a) If DB = x, write an expression for the length of AD in terms of x.
b) If CD = 6, find the length of DB.