Common Good = “Good” of all in society Working for the common good=

Common Good =
“Good” of all in society
Working for the common
working for a just
society where there is
Equitable economy???
the decisions being
made in society keep
the common good in
Equity (ECONOMY)
An economy in which
the apportionment
of resources or
goods among the
people is
considered fair.
We (the Church) also have a duty to
secure and respect these rights
not only for ourselves, but for
others, and to fulfill our
responsibilities to our families, to
each other, and to the larger
-- U.S. Catholic Bishops, Faithful
Citizenship: A Catholic Call to
Political Responsibility
Each person also has a right to
the conditions for living a
decent life:
and family life
food and shelter
education and employment
health care and housing
An “equitable society” should have:
 Affordable housing
 Employment at a living wage
 Universal access to affordable, quality
health care
 Just welfare policies
 Immigration and campaign finance
 Global peace and security priorities
 Efforts toward sustainable development
 Just international trade and investment
NETWORK addresses a range of political issues
that currently fall under the broad categories of
economic equity and global peace.
Economic equity addresses:
the federal budget, which is
defined as a moral statement of
the nation's priorities and an
instrument for the common good.