MORALITY GROUP PROJECT – Creating a moral position on a... You will be giving a report in which you are...

MORALITY GROUP PROJECT – Creating a moral position on a moral issue.
You will be giving a report in which you are taking a stance on a significant moral issue. You will
also be giving the position of the Catholic Church on your issue and will be presenting your
moral issue to the class.
- The project will be completed in groups of 2 or 3. You will select your own groups and submit
this to Mr. Leone as soon as you have your group.
- You will be selecting a topic from the list that you would like to report on for your project.
Each group must have it’s own topic, no two groups can report on the same moral issue.
- If you would like to select a topic that isn’t on the list of possible topics, that may be
acceptable but you MUST consult with Mr. Leone FIRST.
- Topics will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis. As soon as you know your topic, submit
this to Mr. Leone.
- You need to have a thesis statement that clearly states your position within the moral issue.
For example, drinking underage is morally unacceptable or it is morally acceptable to have a
death penalty. Remember your topic should be a MORAL position and not a political or legal
Pick 1 of the 2 formats for your topic that works best
FORMAT #1: CHURCH Approach
• 1. Select a moral issue and develop a presentation with the following points:
• 2. The church's position (example: prolife)
• 3. The opposing position (example: prochoice)
• 4. Collect as facts, statistics and/or data for both positions
• 5. Use morality information we learned about in class
• 6. Include Media sources
• 7. Present to the class
• 1. Select a specific moral dilemma
• 2. Describe the dilemma
• 3. Include causes that led to the dilemma. (CAUSE)
• 4. Explain the effects of the immoral act(s) by the people involved. (EFFECT)
• 5. Propose alternative behavior that could eliminate, alleviate, or make better the
situation and provide methods that can prevent such a dilemma in the future.
• 6. Include Media Sources
• 7. Present to the class
Parts of the Project
1) Report 50% (At least 2 pages)
You will be writing a report that explains your moral stance on your issue. In your report make
sure to include the following:
- Explanation of your thesis
- Inclusion of class information to support your position
- Inclusion of facts and data to enhance your position
- Explanation of an opposing position to your thesis and how you would respond to that
- Conclusion expressing your position and what that means in today’s society
2) Presentation 25% (10-15 minutes)
- Create an interactive presentation that summarizes the main points of your position and
information to the class (Example: Powerpoint, prezi, etc…
- Lead a discussion with the rest of the class that gives everyone a chance to respond to your
position and participate.
- Use class information in your presentation (Example: Conscience, Sin, Virtues and Vices)
3) Reflection 25% (About 1 page)
- Each group member needs to write a personal reflection about how this topic to relevant to
them in their lives. You need to discuss how your perspective on your moral issue affects your
life. Make sure to include how researching this topic and completing your project affected you
as well.
Completing the Project
- All reports are due by the final due date for the class and MUST be submitted to Mr. Leone in
person during that class period.
- Parts 2 and 3 must be completed a class period before the date each group is presenting.
- Each group will sign up for one of the days to present on the class calendar. Your group must
be ready to present a class period before the day you sign up for.
Morality Topics
These are the list of topics you may choose from. If you want to select a topic that isn’t on the
list, please check with Mr. Leone to receive his approval. Once you have selected your topic,
you must submit that in writing to Mr. Leone with a brief explanation of why you are interested
in creating your project on this moral issue.
Death penalty
Euthanasia – Physician Assisted Suicide
Sexual promiscuity – hooking up
Drinking and driving
Athletes and Steroids
Gun Control
Child abuse
Drug and Alcohol abuse
Recreational use of marijuana
Sexual harassment
Gang violence
Domestic Violence
Human Trafficking
Death Penalty
Academic Integrity – Cheating
Moral response to terrorism
Gay marriage