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Mrs. Jiménez
Basic Mechanics Problems – Average Speed, Displacement, Time
Each of the following is a simple problem involving the basic mechanics equation vavg = d/t
Solve each but we are practicing how to show work properly for physics problems. So – you
must write down each variable that you have on the side before beginning. Then you must
rearrange the equation so that it is solved for the unknown. Then you can substitute in with
units, and solve and then round to sig figs as you normally would. Be SURE to keep any
subscripts in your variables when doing physics especially. For example you must writ vavg not
just v. Later we will be learning about vinitial and vfinal so this is important!!
1. Calculate the average speed (in meters/sec) if a Cheetah runs 140 meters in 5.2 seconds
2. Calculate the average speed (in km/min) of Charlie who runs to the store 4.5 km away in 32
3. Calculate the distance (in km) that Charlie runs if he maintains the average velocity from
question 2 for 60. minutes.
4. A bicycle rider travels 50.0 km in 2.5 hours. What is the cyclist’s average velocity in km/hr?
5. What is the average speed (in miles per hour) of the car that traveled a total of 198 miles in
5.52 hours.
6. How much time would it take for the sound of thunder to travel 1800 meters if sound travels
at a speed of 330 m/s.
7. How much time would it take for an airplane to reach its destination if it traveled at an
average speed of 790 km/hr for a distance of 4500 kilometers?