Retreat Reflection

Retreat Reflection
Think about your retreat experience. Using the questions below, please deepen your retreat
experience by writing about it in a thoughtful reflection essay. Begin with the 'introduction'
question and then further develop using one of the choices offered that best speaks to you.
Introductory paragraph: Describe your overall experience of the retreat. What stands out to
you now when you think about the day? What parts of it did you enjoy? What about the day did
you not enjoy as much?
Then choose ONE of the following to develop in detail. (3-4 paragraphs)
1) What were some of the messages that you think the retreat was trying to emphasize? What
particular message (or messages..) were emphasized very well and got you thinking about your
life and relationships? Please discuss a specific talk or activity and what insights it opened up in
you. What made it interesting?
2) How would you describe your own faith and relationship with God? Do you feel that
retreat had an impact on your faith -- why or why not? One of the day's activities asked you to
take some quiet time to reflect and journal. What did you think about? Do you enjoy having
time to think and reflect quietly and do you find it helpful? Why or why not? Is journal writing
a practice that could be beneficial to continue in your life?
3) During one part of the retreat, you listened to retreat leaders share an experience that
helped them to grow in faith or become a better person. Do you have such a story pertaining to
your own life? Write about an experience that you have had that has helped you to be a better
person or grow in faith. Why was this experience meaningful and important for you? How did
this experience change your life for the better?
4) One of the goals of retreat is to help build community between you and your classmates.
What activities helped you to see your relationship to others in a new way? Did you realize
anything new about the way you tend to relate to others? Did any activity push you out of your
typical comfort zone? How might these awarenesses help you to improve your relationships with
people in general?
Essay should be typed in 10 or 12 font, be double-spaced and proofread before handing in.