July 18, 2014

July 18, 2014 10-11 AM
Meeting Location: Winter Park Campus, Room 107
1) 10 am: Call the meeting to order
2) 10 – 10:15 am (15 mins): Rae
a. Dr. Johnson meeting: interested in Fair Trade Certification and Sun Rail access
to increase enrollment. Supportive of adopting East Campus grounds practices
college-wide and developing a film capturing the green features of the
b. BEST Center Building Automation Workshop in Memphis. Develop a certificate
program at Valencia.
c. West campus student coordinator meeting regarding lake benches and fitness
path around lake update
d. Sustainability Across the Curriculum update
3) 10:15 – 10:20 am (5 minutes): Patti
a. What is the committee interested in with the Energy Education program?
4) 10:20 10:40 am (20 minutes): All Members - Mission Statement:
a. “The committee's charge is to research and investigate potential processes and
define a series of sustainable and energy savings measures that support
Valencia's mission and can benefit the College in on-going operations,
renovations and new construction”.
b. Larry’s: “The committee’s mission is to establish a college community that
functions harmoniously now and in future generations, uses fewer economic and
environmental resources, and educates students, faculty, and staff in a way that
helps foster this ethic in the wider community.”
c. Buzz
transportation/multi-modal, social justice, curriculum, food. Connect to
college mission and values.
5) 10:40 – 11 am (20 mins): The Story of Stuff
6) Next meeting August – conference call or skip? Rae will be out of town the 15th and
11 – 11:30 am: Transportation Task Force Meeting
1) Shuttle Proposal - Super Shuttle, LYNX, and Mears; send to Joyce Romano for
funding consideration through Student Development.
2) Bike Paths - (Aaron) connect West Campus entrance and to be integrated into
construction projects (bike racks should also be considered during building
3) ReThink Your Commute – shift focus to a solid faculty/staff ride share program
instead of students. Add a bike and pedestrian safety course during student
June 20, 2014 10AM
Meeting Location: East Campus 8-101
Members Present: Resham Shirsat, Patti Riva, Brandon Golbeck, Larry Rosen, Andy Ray,
Clarence Canada, Jerry Reed, Sylvana Vester
 Use the excel workbook that summarizes the sustainability strategies identified in the
college’s STARS, CAP, and SAP to initiate new projects, with the understanding that
the SAP has not been signed off by the President.
 Meeting with West Campus Grounds will be held to address issues identified by Larry,
Jerry, and Andy.
 Native vines to hide bat house metal bracing
 PT new hire Brandon
 Energy Education program has saved $2.7M in 2 years
 Presentation and campus walking tour by Clarence Canada
 Need restoration in progress signs at West Campus
 Transportation Task Force Meeting cancelled until next meeting