Addendum #2 RFQ #05-15 Mechatronic Training Center & Partnership

Addendum #2
RFQ #05-15 Mechatronic Training Center & Partnership
January 14, 2015
If any person contemplating submitting a proposal for the proposed contract is in doubt as to the true meaning of any part
of the specifications, or other proposed contract documents, or finds discrepancies in, or omissions from the
specifications, they are instructed to contact Kim Simonds, Buyer, at (760) 795-6755, to request an interpretation or
correction thereof. The District may require that such request be in writing, in which case the person submitting the
request will be responsible for its prompt delivery. Any interpretation or correction of the proposed documents will be
made by Addendum duly issued by the Buyer, and a copy of such Addendum will be mailed or delivered to each person
receiving a set of such documents. The District will not be responsible for any other explanation or interpretation of the
proposed documents.
1. According to the Proposed Schedule, a PO will be issued at an approximate date of 2/19/2014, with installation and
delivery on 3/9/2014 (Page 4 of Bid Document).
However, the Description of Equipment and Partnership states (Page 13):
f. The District is looking for delivery and installation of all equipment upon completion of construction in March. All
delivery, installation and training would need to be completed by March 15, 2015. Is your company able to
accommodate this date?
Could you please help us clarify these dates?
Answer: The Date of March 15, 2015 is a typographical error; please use the March 9th date.