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Submission Format
RFQ / RFP #03-13 Proposition EE Program Management
A. General Instructions
It is important that your submission exactly follows the format below and that the sections are numbered to
correspond to requirements below. The format should be in the following format:
1. Introduction and a brief summary of why your firm would be the best fit with MiraCosta; you can assume
that there will be multiple highly qualified firms that are technically capable of providing program
management services to the District, so what make your firm the one that should get the contract? How
would your team contribute to making Proposition EE be recognized as the most efficiently managed
community college bond program in California? (2 page maximum)
2. Firm Information (see below)
3. Technical Capabilities (see below)
4. Working together (see below, one page response per question)
5. Cost and Price Summary
6. Comprehensive Methodology and Approach
B. Firm Information:
1. Provide a brief history of your firm and respond to the following:
Name of Firm
Contact information, including primary contact individual(s)
Location of corporate headquarters and local offices
Number of years the firm has been in business
Names of senior members and length of time in firm
List of services provided by firm (and team partner and/or subcontract firms).
Legal form of company (partnership, corporation, joint venture, etc…)
List any instances where your firm has partnered or joint ventured with another firm, and the partnership
and/or joint venture was absolved or not carried out.
List all claims, lawsuits or arbitrations filed by the following:
i. On behalf of your firm or against your firm in the last five (5) years relating to consulting services,
including but not limited to, a client for whom you performed professional services. A claim is defined
as a demand for payment that is disputed. A lawsuit is an actual complaint filed in court. Arbitration is
an alternative dispute resolution in which a neutral third party renders a decision after a hearing in
which both parties have an opportunity to be heard.
i. Provide references for services performed for California state and local public agencies and dates of
performance. Include names of agencies, specific services rendered and names and contact
information of persons who can be contacted regarding these services.
ii. Provide references for similar services performed for at least five (5) additional organizations and
dates of performance. Include names of organizations, specific services rendered and contact
information of persons who can be contacted regarding these references. Of the five references
listed, at least two (2) should include California public school experience.
Include the following information for each of your team sub-consultant firms: Firm name, business
address, contact information and principal-in-charge. Provide an organizational chart showing the
relationship of your firm and sub-consultants.
Provide a list of program management personnel that you would recommend for assignment.
Provide information on the personnel that you would recommend for assignment to design and
construction projects.
Include resumes for each of the Project Manager proposed personnel.
Include at least one resume for each of the other positions listed in Exhibit “A” schedule of hourly billing
rates. Experience in education planning, design and construction should be clearly identified in the
resumes. Project name, type, location, completion date and cost should be included.
Provide a one page statement of your staff augmentation philosophy and how you would ensure the
seamless blending of your staff into the fabric of the District.
In order for you to work with the District to develop a scope of work, what additional information would you
need from the District?
MCCD RFQ / RFP #03-13 Proposition EE Program Management
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C. Technical Capabilities (one page maximum per question)
1. Describe your firm’s controls to insure adequate time dedicated to our projects in conjunction with your office
2. Identify the methods the firm will use to insure that each project’s scope will be defined and represented in the
plans and specifications.
3. Identify the methods the firm will use to insure cost/budget controls during preparation of the plans and
4. Describe your firm’s knowledge and experience with State funding for school construction programs.
5. Describe your firm’s knowledge and experience with State Regulatory Agencies impacting Community
6. Describe your firm’s experience with project and program controls using computerized reporting systems.
7. Provide a brief description of all California education projects managed by your firm within the last five years.
Your descriptions should include
a. Project name & location
b. The total project cost
c. Your firm or team members’ role(s) on the project; i.e. project manager, construction manager, estimating,
scheduling, accounting, etc...
d. The current project status; i.e. design, DSA approved, 50% construction complete, beneficial occupancy, DSA
closeout pending certification letter, etc…
8. Describe the firm’s cost estimating approach and methodology from planning and design through
9. Describe the firm’s cost estimate history: review the firm’s cost estimates versus actual bid amounts on three
or more California education projects. Include examples and written explanations.
10. Describe the firm’s change order management approach and methodology. Discuss the firm’s track record
showing the total dollar amount of change orders compared to the original contract dollar amount. Indicate by
percentage the dollar amount of change orders caused by the client, design firm and contractor respectively.
Provide examples of three or more projects.
11. Describe your firm’s quality control assurance procedures, including coordination of consultants, from
planning and design through construction.
D. Comprehensive Methodology and Approach
Please provide a description of the firm’s comprehensive overall methodology and approach especially with
respect to the District’s Facility Master Plan.
E. Working Together (one page per question maximum)
1. What techniques have you previously used to learn and understand the culture and sole of a complex
community such as a community college?
2. What techniques have you previously used to collegially coordinate among design teams comprised of highly
talented professional, most of who probably have strong egos and who feel passionate ownership of their
3. How have you effectively aided a district in establishing it Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee?
4. How will you ensure that the Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee has the appropriate
information it needs to be confident they are adequately exercising their appropriate oversight over the
5. How you will ensure that the District’s top executive team and board have the appropriate information they
need to be confident they are adequately exercising their appropriate oversight over the program?
6. What are the keys to an effective relationship between the project’s senior program manager and the District’s
top administrator responsible for the program?
F. Cost and Price Summary
Proposer shall provide a Schedule of Rates (SOR) for the principal firm (or firms if there is a joint venture or
partnership) as reflected in the table attached hereto as Exhibit “A” and incorporated herein by this reference.
Proposers hourly rates should be identified for each of the three years indicated in the Exhibit. Column 1 provides
the position description. Proposer should list a fully burdened hourly rate in column 2. All direct costs, profit and
overhead, as well as applied overhead and profit should be included in the burdened hourly billing rates. Any
proposed reimbursable expenses should also be listed. Travel and related expenses shall be compensated in
accordance with the Joint Travel Regulations published by the U.S. Department of Defense, with approval.
MCCD RFQ / RFP #03-13 Proposition EE Program Management
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