COP2551 ... For this final graphics program, you can implement your choice...

Program 7
Name _______________________
For this final graphics program, you can implement your choice of
one of the following projects:
On page 504 of your text, choose one of the following:
Project 8.15, 8.16, or 8.17. Or you may be creative and come up
with your own animation. You are to create your own graphic
objects rather than animating graphic images created by others.
Student projects from previous classes will be demonstrated in
class as will your projects.
The turnin code is higbee.cop2551_43.p7. The directory you turn
in must include all files necessary to compile and execute your
project (including the necessary .html file that will allow the
project to run in a browser). Also, turn in a folder that
contains your code, a description of what the project does, user
instructions for running the project, and a discussion of any
problems encountered (including a statement of whether or not they
were solved). No other documentation is required.
Program #7 is due at start of class on Tuesday, August 3rd.