Brittany Hafer Flash Research Assignment- SharePoint

Brittany Hafer
Flash Research Assignment- SharePoint
Investing in SharePoint, a business collaboration software program, will increase
our productivity by 400 hours per year. Our consulting firm is rapidly growing resulting
in a considerable backload of work. PMPs spend a lot of time struggling with managing
documents related to their projects. However, implementing SharePoint will eliminate
our current backlog of work ultimately increasing revenue.
SharePoint is a collaboration of software made by Microsoft that helps businesses,
organizations, and large companies simplify business intelligence, content management,
search, and sharing for Internet and Intranet sites. The key capability is simplified
management. Multiple users can access any program or information necessary, all in one
place. Permissions can be managed so only those who have been granted access can view
admin panels and make changes to the program settings. This system will help PMPs
manage documents more efficiently, which will increase productivity.
Our company would benefit from investing in SharePoint because billable hours
will increase by 400 hours resulting in a 20% increase in productivity. With the increase
in productivity, we would see even more sales thus increasing our revenue. Although
initial costs include $100,000 for the software and $18,000 yearly for expenses, over a
three-year period, we would save $210,000.
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